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Dr. Silke Schnurbusch

The professional qualifications and personal experience of the coach are essential. So at this point a few things about my own story.


I am curious and always ready to take on challenges.


From an early age I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to live and work in another country. So I applied to be an au pair and went to California after graduating from high school. Here I looked after three lively siblings and was their friend, playmate, help with homework and - if necessary - also a strict teacher. I became more independent, learned to take responsibility, to integrate myself into a completely new environment and to express feelings in a foreign language. It's been a great month.


25 years later I had another exciting experience abroad. My husband was transferred to Saudi Arabia for three years; me and our son accompanied him. I really wanted to work there - not easily possible for a woman in Saudi Arabia at the time. The fact that I became the first woman ever to teach at a public university was very special and it got through the local press.


In between there was a degree in biology and a doctorate as an engineer for environmental technology, jobs in applied research, a position as a project manager in an international industrial group with tasks in China and the USA, among others, and a switch to corporate communications.


Then I took three years of parental leave and used it to become self-employed in my specialty - biological wastewater treatment. Before we left for Saudi Arabia, I advised operators of municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants in the event of operational disruptions.


Since our return I have been working in science management at the University of Erlangen. Here I develop career and excellence programs for young scientists and am responsible for career coaching.


So when I offer advice on career choice, study choice or career planning, I know what I'm talking about - I was able to gain valuable professional and life experience as well as management experience in areas as diverse as education, teaching, research and industry and in other cultures.


I have completed my knowledge in recent years with an apprenticeship as a systemic DVCT-certified coach at the ICO Institute in Munich. In systemic coaching, I don't create solutions for you, but make sure that you actively develop a solution that suits you. The decisive advantage: It will be your solution, it will be your way. Nothing has been imposed from the outside, and experience has shown that the paths that you find yourself are easier to tread.


Interested in talking to me? Then just get in touch with me.


My life fulfillment

I am a person who through my strength and strength helps other people
helps you to find your way.

Am I the coach who suits you?

The basis for successful coaching is the positive and trusting relationship between you (the coachee) and me (the coach). We will find out in the initial meeting whether the chemistry between us is right.

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Interested in talking to me? Then you can contact me here.

Petra-Kelly way 26

91052 Erlangen, Germany
Tel .: +49 (0) 15775970762

You are also welcome to contact me via WhatsApp!


Thank you for your message!

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