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Career finding

Find the degree or training that suits you!

Are you on your way to high school or have you had it for a long time? Are you thinking about your choice of studies or your choice of profession? Your friends and family give you tips, but somehow you have no plan as to whether this or that training would better suit your skills and competencies? Not sure what you are particularly good at and what motivates you? Do you have too many ideas - or none at all? You don't know which step to take next? Is it confused in your head and you keep turning in circles?

In this situation, systemic coaching can provide you with valuable assistance.

Let's find a solution together.

During the coaching I will help you specifically and with the method of systemic coaching to develop your very own solution. During our meetings you will recognize your individual professional goals yourself and be able to draw up a corresponding plan. So I don't create solutions for you, I make sure that you actively develop a solution that suits you. The decisive advantage: It will be your solution, it will be your way. Nothing has been imposed from the outside, and experience has shown that the paths that you find yourself are easier to tread.


A career coaching requires an average of 4 to 5 sessions of 2 hours each. Ultimately, however, you decide yourself how much time you want to invest. We will clarify this and other important details in a preliminary discussion.

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