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Are you disoriented, without a plan and therefore unmotivated?


The reason for this condition is that you are overwhelmed by the many opportunities that are available to you. There are currently over 20,000 different bachelor's and master's courses in Germany. Or would an apprenticeship be the right thing for you? What should you choose from the multitude of offers?


In this workshop I will accompany you in the most important step on the way to your dream job: Recognize what you really want for yourself and get a detailed look at what you can do and what you like.


Sometimes we are all a little overwhelmed. An effective coach is able to help people see the end goal, to move forward step by step instead of being overwhelmed by the problems - Byron and Catherine Pulsifer


Together with the other participants, you develop a realistic view of your abilities, strengths and what inspires you. We then reflect on your strengths in the team and thereby sharpen your self-awareness. Because if you know what you can do and what fulfills you, you can confidently take the next steps towards your dream job.

Target group: high school graduates and high school students who have completed their school career or are in the process of completing it

Deadline: 03/27/2022

Time :3pm-6:30pm

Number of participants: max. 6

Cost: 130 euros

Place: Erlangen center, Glückstrasse 10a

Format: Presence


And here is my present for you! If you are interested in individual coaching after the workshop, the price for the individual coaching will be reduced by the amount that you have already paid for participation in this workshop.

Secure one of the few places in this workshop now. Just send me a message here that you would like to participate and we will get in touch!

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